Construction Management

As well as designing your project, we can manage the construction for you. In fact, we believe our team approach is the best way to get the most value for your construction money. Here are some of the reasons we believe this.

First, it lets you concentrate on your day to day responsibilities while we focus on your project.

Second, we bring subcontractors we know and trust to our team during the design process. This removes the built-in conflicts of interest inherent in the conventional design/bid/build process. We use their input, based on their field experience, to create practical designs. And, we work as a team to control the quality-cost balance which can be vital to a successful project.

Third, it allows us to provide you with accurate cost estimates as the design progresses instead of waiting to receive bids on the final construction documents.

Fourth, long lead time equipment and materials can be pre-purchased thus shortening the project schedule.

Fifth, construction can get started before the entire design is completed thus shortening the project schedule.

On smaller projects with two or three trades, Primero Engineering will act as the sole construction manager. On larger more complex projects we team with one of several general contractors we have relationships with to use their construction management experience with large and/or complex projects.



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