About Us

At Primero we focus on making your facility function the way you need it to. That’s our difference.


Improving a facility takes a different mindset than designing a new one. It’s more like solving a puzzle. Space is usually tight; work often must be done during off hours; and you’ve got to work around the facility operations.  Conditions you don’t have in designing a new facility.

Our founder sums it up well.

“When dealing with a working facility, it’s not just about numbers, details, or schedule, it’s also about keeping the process going.  It’s about flexibility, innovation, and a “can do” attitude. It’s about listening and communicating.”

– David Mack


Our Expertise

Our core expertise is in the design and construction of buildings; the roof, walls, structural framing, and foundations. It is based on many years of experience in design and construction of facilities like yours.


When needed, we call on our team of likeminded experienced consultants in architecture, process design, mechanical, and electrical systems to assist us in creating total facility solutions.


Our Services

We provide consulting, design, engineering, and construction management to meet your needs.



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